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Frequently Asked Questions

How do i use this tool?

Using our word counter is super easy and it and delibarately so. We have made it easy so that people can quickly get what they want with no clicking lots of buttons

What you have to do is copy your text from your document, then place a cursor in the white box above (this will delete the texts in the box) then paste your texts

Wourd Counting will be automaticly be done for you, together with other information such as number of sentences, paragraphs and characters.

Is this tool FREE?

YES. this tool is free and will always be so. Use and share with others

What other information should i know so as to make the most of this tool?

Proper punction is very important is you want to get proper counting. If full stops are incorrectly placed in your artcile then the word counter will have problem counting sentences.

A sentence is counted after every full stop, so make sure your full stops and other punctions follw the rules of writing.

Does word counter store infromation about my text input?

Absolutelly NOT. Word counter does not store any of the texts it counts nor do we see it in the backend

Whom is this tool best for?

This tool is best for anyone, students as well as non students. Anyone

Is there a text limit?

There is no text limit, word counter has been designed to count as many texts as possible.

As per our tests, we have tried millions of texts with no issue. Do let us know if you encounter a text limit

How is a single word defined?

A word is defined as a group of text with no space in between those texts

The creator of this tool is not liable for any damages,false counting that may arise from the use of the tool.